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Our mission is to help save the planet. We cannot continue to pollute and destroy our blue world and hand over a destroyed system to our children. As the image suggests we at GreenCon focus our attentions on plugging into the most powerful resource available, we do however use wind and Hydro power sources as well.

The planet is running out of time. Consider this: every day that you continue to use power generated from coal fired power stations, you contribute to the eventual collapse of the global eco-system as we currently know it.

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This could contribute to a saving of over three tons of carbon usage per year from your household alone.
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We'll focus on your business through
innovative approach

Does your business use massive amounts of energy and water. Are your staff ignorant of the environmental issues out there. GreenCon will partner with you to make fundamental changes as your work place not only to save you substantial amounts of money in operating costs but also in helping you inspire your employees to have a positive impact on the future of this planet

The Highlights

Greencon installs Water purification system in Bryanston

High tech water purification filters installed in Bryanston, Johannesburg by Greencon. water_1 water_2 water_3 water_3 water_4

Heat Pump System for Rhodean Girls School

Greencon has installed a 200L Heat Pump system for the new pool change rooms at Rhodean Girls in Johannesburg. rhodean_1 rhodean_2 rhodean_3

Greencon and BMW move to cleaner energy

Installation of advanced high temperature, pressure independent balancing valves from Danfoss. This makes extension and combinations of various heat recovery systems we install at BMW Rosslyn possible. www.greencon.co.za
balancing valve_bmw_1 balancing valve_bmw_2 balancing valve_bmw_3 balancing valve_bmw_4

Resol Remote System Monitoring

Resol Mx